November 10, 2013

John Hoe, MD, FRCR, FAMS

Current position:

        President, Asian Society of Cardiovascular Imaging (2013-2015)
        Consultant Radiologist, Mt Elizabeth Hospital Singapore, Singapore

I-Chen Tsai, MD, PhD

Current position:

        Consultant, CHD study group, Asian Society of Cardiovascular Imaging
        CEO and Founder, InnovaRad Inc

Wen-Jeng Lee, MD, PhD

Current position:

        Visiting staff, Department of Medical Imaging,
                National Taiwan University Hospital
        (specialized in cardiac and thoracic imaging)
        Assistant professor, Faculty of Medicine, National Taiwan University

Chun-Ho Yun, MD

Current position:

        Visiting staff, Department of Radiology, Mackay Memorial Hospital
        PhD candidate,
          Department of Biomedical Imaging and Radiological Sciences,
          National Yang-Ming University

Wan-Ling Miriam Wu, MD

Current position:

        Visiting staff, Department of Radiology, Chi Mei Medical Center
        (specialized in cardiac, thoracic and breast imaging)
        Visiting staff, Women’s Health Center, Chi Mei Medical Center

Hsin-Yu Tsai, MD

Current position:

        Visiting staff, Department of Radiology,
                Taichung Veterans General Hospital Chiayi Branch
        Consultant, e-Poster design, InnovaRad Inc

CVCT2014 photography award

 Radiology is a long road. And we are all on it.
(by I-Chen Tsai, MD, PhD)

Photography award:
  One photo award winner per day.
  Upload your photo to InnovaRad: Radiating Innovations.
  Day 1 before 2:40p, Day 2 before 1:00p.
  Win an iPad mini with Retina (USD 399) for yourself!


0. Check your Taiwan VISA status at VISA HQ.

1. Fly to Taipei (a.k.a. TPE or Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport)

2. Prepare your Taiwan Dollar. Transfer to your hotel in Taipei.

 - Taxi, around USD 50 by meter rate. Faster and easier.
 - Bus to Taipei, ~USD 5. Then Taipei Metro to your hotel, ~USD 1-3.
 Have a nice sleep.

3. Take Taipei Metro to GIS NTU convention center.

 - Green line, Gongguan Station, exit 2. Walk for 200 meters. GIS NTU convention center is at the B1F of the brick color building (yellow rectangle). The entrance is just beside a FamilyMart in 1F. See the venue on Google Street View.

4. Enjoy the teaching course.

Suggested Hotels

        Suggested hotels are listed below. These hotels are located within 7 metro stations on the same line (Red/Green Line). No transfer needed. Very easy for first-time travelers to Taipei.


Taipei 101, Taiwan (cc license via Francisco Diez @ flickr)


April is a nice month for travelling to Taiwan with low probability of rain.
 - Past April weather in Taipei. Temperature around 20°C.
 - Quick weather check before you fly.

November 9, 2013


CVCT2014’s limited tickets of both Day 1 and Day 1+2 are all sold out. The organizing team will keep working on the event. Wish to provide you a great learning experience!

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Thank you!

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