November 10, 2013

CVCT2014 photography award

 Radiology is a long road. And we are all on it.
(by I-Chen Tsai, MD, PhD)

Photography award:
  One photo award winner per day.
  Upload your photo to InnovaRad: Radiating Innovations.
  Day 1 before 2:40p, Day 2 before 1:00p.
  Win an iPad mini with Retina (USD 399) for yourself!

        Photo should be related to CVCT2014, no matter what aspect. No device limit. You may use DSLR, digital camera, iPhone, or other smart phones. Post-processing is also allowed, for example, Photoshop, instagram, hipstamatic or even LINE camera. All uploaded photos will be collected and posted on CVCT2014 websites. The best photo will be determined by its context, meaning and beauty.

I-Chen Tsai, MD, PhD (RSNA 2011 photo contest winner)

Step-by-step guide:

1. Find the facebook group (for uploading photo)

  Short URL for laptop:
  Smart phone QR code: (QR Droid on Android & Scan on iOS)

2. Facebook log in

3. Join it! We will approve soon.

4. Go to facebook app. Search ‘InnovaRad’.

5. Bingo! Try upload a photo and write a few words.

Wi-Fi in the venue

        GIS NTU convention center is fully covered by Wi-Fi. All access points (APs) with SSID starts with ‘GIS’ can be connected. The Wi-Fi password will be announced in the course opening. You may also ask our staff anytime.

Want to join and win an iPad mini with Retina?
See the full activity and register here.