December 23, 2013

[Update] Cardiac and Vascular CT teaching course (2013/12/23)

First comprehensive cardiac AND vascular CT teaching course in Asia ever.

Not only the important coronary arteries, we also covered:
  - cardiomyopathies
  - CT myocardial perfusion (Hot!)
  - congenital heart disease
  - TAVI planning (Hot!)
  - prosthetic and native valves

A practical peripheral vascular CT session also covers:
  - renal artery stenosis
  - pulmonary embolism
  - deep vein thrombosis
  - lower limb arteries

See the agenda here.

Our teaching faculty is really great. Dr. I-Chen Tsai is a great teacher in cardiac and vascular CT. He was elected by ALL doctors in TCVGH as best teacher. Seize the opportunity to learn.

As a gentle reminder, if you like our teaching program, please register early. Now we still have seats for day 1 lectures. (However, day 2 program was already sold out.)

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Merry Christmas! Wish to see you soon!

CVCT2014 secretariat

Newsletter 2013/11/27


        This is I-Chen Tsai and John Hoe. In April 2014, we will have a high-quality teaching course in Taipei: Cardiac and Vascular CT teaching course.

        We invited 6 doctors with extensive CT experience and more than 100 articles on PubMed, sharing practical know-how lectures and step-by-step hands-on case reading. (See program here)

        Also, this course is curated by two Asian well-known teaching teams led by Dr. John Hoe from Singapore and Dr. I-Chen Tsai from Taiwan, both with great reputation in past activities.

‘Master class by Dr. Tsai I-Chen is very good.’
‘Not only a course, but also an inspiring spirit.’
‘Excellent course!’
’Dr. John Hoe's lectures were great.’
’More talks by Dr. Tsai I-Chen and Dr. John Hoe.’

        Yesterday, we opened the website for registration. Within 24 hours, more than 10 participants already registered. Please take a look at the website. If you like the activity, as a gentle reminder, please register early, before seats sold out. Hope to see you soon in Taipei.

I-Chen Tsai, MD, PhD
John Hoe, MD, FRCR, FAMS