November 10, 2013

Hsin-Yu Tsai, MD

Current position:

        Visiting staff, Department of Radiology,
                Taichung Veterans General Hospital Chiayi Branch
        Consultant, e-Poster design, InnovaRad Inc

Professional experiences:

Certificate of Merit (e-Poster) ×2, RSNA, Chicago.
Best Scientific Presenter, 2nd Taiwan Nuclear Cardiology Symposium.

Selected publications:

Tsai HY, Chen MC, Tsai IC, Chen CC. Partial ring artifact on cardiac CT: image presentation and clinical implication. Int J Cardiovasc Imaging. 2011; 27:689-693.

Tsai HY, et al. Imaging as a biomarker in Behçet disease: prognostic and therapeutic implications of serial pulmonary CT angiography. AJR Am J Roentgenol. 2011; 196:W105-106.

Tsai HY, et al. (LL-CAE-WE6A) Comprehensive MDCT evaluation of patients with pulmonary hypertension: diagnosing underlying causes from left heart, lung to right heart. RSNA 2010, Chicago. Certificate of Merit

Tsai HY, et al. (LL-CAE-WE6B) Comprehensive evaluation of patients with suspected prosthetic heart valve disorder using MDCT: protocol, interpretation, and disease gallery. RSNA 2010, Chicago. Certificate of Merit

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