April 24, 2014

A great course of a very high standard

Dr. Charlotte Kwong (Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong)

I attended the 2-day Cardiac and Vascular CT teaching course in the past weekend and cannot speak highly enough of the course and the speakers.

The first day of the course consisted of lectures on various topics regarding cardiac imaging. We first started to learn about the history of cardiac imaging and how this state of the art technology has gained popularity and huge progress in the past decade with the development of new machines and software. We learned about coronary stenosis, myocardial perfusion and congenital heart diseases. All the speakers give very precise information with highlights on pitfalls on imaging. I really like how they give clinical correlation to the topics – at the end of the day, we are clinical radiologists! They also taught us how to tackle some difficult scenario, where our tools might be limited- I found how they taught us what and how to report very useful.

There is a chance to raise questions and discussions at the end of each session and I found it extremely important for better understanding of the topics. There was a good mix of radiologists and cardiologists taking part in the course and cardiologists gave some opinion on their expectations of a CTA report, which was very inspiring.

The second day was hands-on workshop. The speaker led us through some interesting cases and gave us time to play with the software. We got to have one computer on our own- what a luxury! There were a lot of help from the venders and every time I had a question, I always got help within seconds. At first it was frustrating to get use to a new software, but after some time of practice, I can manage on my own. I know I am still far from being an expert on CTA, but I feel competent at the end of the 2-day course.

In short, this a great course of a very high standard. There is something for every level. I would recommend this course to my co-workers. Make sure to sign up fast next time as places are filled up quickly!

Make sure to sign up fast!